The money has been raised for Phase One. Thank you. Now we are continuing efforts to raise money for Phases Two and Three.

Our kick off fundraising event raised over 15 thousand dollars.

Phase One: Working hand in hand with The Rotary Club in Dolores Hidalgo, we chose 4 existing kindergarten schools that need our help. All four schools received a much needed reprieve from the sun. We built each school a covered patio so the kids can learn, play and enjoy the outdoors. Before, some children were passing out from the hot sun and others had skin conditions and rashes that have now all but disappeared. We provided running water so the children can wash their hands properly. We provided working toilets so they no longer have to use the outdoors. We also provided school supplies and toys.

These may not seem like huge things to us, but when I went to unveil the patio covers, I could see what a huge difference it made in the lives of the kids and the community. We gave them hope.  Here’s hoping that we can raise money for phase two, we want to continue our efforts in Mexico and ensure these kids have safe places to learn and grow.

Now our dreams have grown and we want to help even more children in Mexico. Donate whatever you can so we can make a difference in these kids lives. Thank you.

**Please note, until we receive our charity number from the government, we can not issue tax receipts at this time.**

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