Hope for Mexico’s goal is to raise funds to build on to or help schools in rural areas of Mexico.

We want to give young Mexicans the opportunity be the force behind changing the way Mexicans view their future. Hope for Mexico will be there to bring safe drinking water, washrooms, computer rooms, art rooms, supplies and the much needed support for the youth of Mexico to allow them to experience freedom through education. We want to be able to be involved and bring people who can inspire and teach the kids new things and technology. Open their eyes to the possibilities that await them beyond their villages.

Hope for Mexico will work in phases, our first phase or goal is already complete. We raised over 15 thousand dollars and were able to provide huge patio covers to shelter the children from the burning sun. Each patio cover is over 10×10 meters, which now allows the kids to play, eat and learn safely outside the tiny 10×10 classroom. We provided running water, working toilets, school supplies that private schools in Mexico provide their students. We bought toys and musical instruments, some kids have never heard those sounds before.  We have now established working relationships with government officials and school administrators that will hopefully allow us to work together for many more years to come. Fundraising efforts were successful for phase one and now phase two efforts are underway. We are now accepting donations for Phase Two, please click on the donate button and give what you can. Trust me….I saw with my own two eyes what a difference we made in the lives of these precious children.

Let’s keep raising money…..one dollar at a time.

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” ~Paul Shane Spear