“Over” joyed!!


Wow, what a night. Hope For Mexico’s kick off fundraising event was a super success. Our goal was to raise $10,000 last night and I am “over” joyed to announced that we raised “over” our goal….$15,000 and donations are still coming in this morning. This will allow us to complete phase one and set ourselves up for phase two.

Thank you. Thank you to all my friends (family) in Mexico. Your support and presence was felt last night and your donations were a huge part in helping us reach our goal. We are so looking forward to arriving in Mexico and having you all be there on the ground in Mexico with us to see our hard work come to fruition.

Thank you to my friends and family here in Canada. Your help, your support, your donations, your presence were what made this magical night happen. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch my daughter witness our family’s dream come true. It will no doubt forever mark her heart and teach her that when you believe in something and you set a goal….you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Now I get the pleasure of bringing her with us to Mexico as we help rebuild the 4 kindergarten schools that are anxiously awaiting our arrival. What a life lesson for such a little soul. Thank you.

Thank you to Cesar and Lucas, who have given us their unwavering support over the years. Having Cesar here to share this event was the icing on the cake. Next time, Lucas must come too!!

Now….clean up, catch up on sleep (oh but have some more fun with Cesar first) and then start to plan the rebuilding.

Thank you once again….for all your support.



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