Charities helping Charities

Isn’t that what charity is all about? I love it when something you wish for comes true. I wanted to meet with Free the Children a world renowned charity organization founded on a dream of two young boys. Now, Free the Children is helping communities all over the world and they found time today to help me.

Here’s my idea, I would like to hang my “Day in Juarez” photo exhibit in a gallery or place where we can invite people to come for a fundraising event kick off. I would love it if that place would be within the Mexican community.

As you know, Hope for Mexico believes education is the key to freedom in Mexico and we will raise money to build or rebuild schools in Mexico. We will ask those who joined in our Peace Rally last May to come back and be a part of the fundraising kick off event. I would love to hold the event in September, that gives us ample time to promote and really get people behind us to come and help us kick it off. Any suggestions?? Please join our facebook group Hope for Mexico and give us your opinion.

If you haven’t already, check out my Juarez photo essay on my photography blog.

I am asking all my friends to help spread the word. Hope for Mexico needs a place to hold it’s kick off event.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get this charity registered and properly set up. Please, spread the word and help this new charity get the wings it needs to fly!! Gracias.


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