Glad I got the chance…..

My neighbour and I ventured out on a cold and wet evening last fall to listen to novelist Carlos Fuentes at the ROM in Toronto. We were very curious to hear his stance on the on going drug war. We were nervous too because my neighbour and I feel the same way – that Mexico is in trouble. That the drug war is real and it’s going to get worse before we ever see a change for the better. But being as close to Mexico as I am, I find that a lot of people including Mexicans living every day in the eye of the storm are in denial and don’t think it’s as bad as we think. We were pleasantly surprised on the stance Fuentes took on the drug war. How he believes it’s worse than anyone can ever imagine. That the 50 thousand plus deaths are real and unacceptable and the world needs to open their ears and eyes and see for real what is happening in a country so close to our own. I remember my neighbour leaning over to me at one point during Fuentes’ speech and he whispered “It’s like listening to you, he says the same things you do….”. I will never forget how much that inspired me to keep our Hope for Mexico charity alive. I also remember thinking, I have to try and contact Mr. Fuentes, maybe he can guide me or help me somehow. Well, it’s too late. He’s gone now. But maybe that’s just the kick in the ass I needed. Whatever your beliefs….maybe, just maybe Carlos Fuentes will the the angel Mexico so desperately needs right now. RIP.


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