Refreshing news!

Whatever your political views on Mexico are, or who you think would be the best President for a country in crisis, I am relieved to hear that one candidate has at least addressed the drug war and violence and is taking a realistic stance. You may not agree with this stance, but it’s an action plan that I believe has worked in the past and a plan I believe needs to be put in place to get Mexico on it’s feet again. This action plan is reminiscent of Vincente Fox’s strategy when he was President. No one is condoning drug trafficking and drug lords, and murders and violence, but it’s time to focus on the crimes that do the most damage to the greatest amount of Mexicans. You have to start somewhere. There will always be crime and there will always be drugs in this world, but by changing focus I believe one small step at a time it will make a difference over time. Enjoy the read.


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