The beginning

My relationship with Mexico is a very confusing one. I love Mexico, I love the culture, the colours, the people, the spirit, the smells of Mexico. I miss Mexico, I miss landing there and instantly feeling like I just arrived at home. I miss my friends in Mexico more than I can articulate. But then I fight with other emotions because I’m mad at Mexico too. I’m mad that the drug war has gotten this out of control, that my family and I can not risk going “home”. I am mad that my dear friends face each day with uncertainty and fear. I’m mad that the tourism industry continues to promote Mexico as a safe place to travel. I am mad that I believe tourism is an important piece to Mexico’s survival. I’m mad at the news today, of the Irish couples who were duped and “adopted” stolen babies.  I am mad that certain sections of the Mexican government did everything in their power for 6 years to make sure my family could not adopt a child living in an orphanage with no chance of a forever family. But I won’t give up, I don’t give up on something that means that much to me. I will continue to fight and continue to find ways to help bring peace to that beautiful country and to the lives of those I care about. I’ve realized that being mad is a very powerful motivator.

Hope for Mexico is a charity organization that will devote our time and energy in helping those in Mexico find a better way of life without violence and corruption and fear. Hope for Mexico’s goal is to raise money to rebuild or reopen schools in areas of poverty in Mexico to give children the chance at an education. We believe that education is the key to give the youth a choice of a better life and not fall into the hands of the drug cartel in order to survive.

We will make a difference, even if it’s only one child….

Stay tuned for our kick off fundraising event.