Keep on, keepin on….

There’s always more that could have been done, more items that could have been gotten, more push for people to get involved, but in the end if you did the best you could, how can you go wrong.

I am super proud of what we accomplished at Hope For Mexico’s first fundraising event. Over 15 thousand dollars raised. I am so thankful to those who came out and gave your support. I must admit, I was hoping for more of the Mexican community’s support. Those that came, I had no doubt you would show – so thank you. Today, I am making a plea to the Mexican community I adore so much. How can we continue to grow together? What can we do as a united group to make a difference in your country? Let’s do this together. I need your help.

I still need donations as we have been invited to The Rotary Club in Guanajuato City’s meeting. They would like to make a proposal to us on schools that we can help in the city I love so dearly and that Cesar lives in and calls home. Please, make a donation; big or small and help us change the lives of Mexican children. I can feel the movement happening, I will show you how we can make a difference. But it starts here, with those who have chosen to be a part of Hope For Mexico.

So please, click on the donations tab and give what you can.

I will travel to Mexico in early January and get the budgets and permits for the 4 schools that we have committed to help rebuild. I will also listen to what others need and can use our help with. We will explore getting flu shots to children in remote areas, doctors and dentists. We have many ideas that Hope For Mexico is working on and we need your continued support.

We are planning on being in Mexico in early 2014 to rebuild the 4 kindergarten schools we so successfully raised the money for on November 21. Thank you to all of those who made that possible. It was more than I ever imagined.

Hope for Mexico takes donations from far and wide too…so don’t be shy if you live elsewhere in the world. And pass on our donations page to someone you know who might be interested in making a difference. Thank you.






“Over” joyed!!


Wow, what a night. Hope For Mexico’s kick off fundraising event was a super success. Our goal was to raise $10,000 last night and I am “over” joyed to announced that we raised “over” our goal….$15,000 and donations are still coming in this morning. This will allow us to complete phase one and set ourselves up for phase two.

Thank you. Thank you to all my friends (family) in Mexico. Your support and presence was felt last night and your donations were a huge part in helping us reach our goal. We are so looking forward to arriving in Mexico and having you all be there on the ground in Mexico with us to see our hard work come to fruition.

Thank you to my friends and family here in Canada. Your help, your support, your donations, your presence were what made this magical night happen. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch my daughter witness our family’s dream come true. It will no doubt forever mark her heart and teach her that when you believe in something and you set a goal….you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Now I get the pleasure of bringing her with us to Mexico as we help rebuild the 4 kindergarten schools that are anxiously awaiting our arrival. What a life lesson for such a little soul. Thank you.

Thank you to Cesar and Lucas, who have given us their unwavering support over the years. Having Cesar here to share this event was the icing on the cake. Next time, Lucas must come too!!

Now….clean up, catch up on sleep (oh but have some more fun with Cesar first) and then start to plan the rebuilding.

Thank you once again….for all your support.


16 Days and counting…..


It’s going to be a mad dash to the finish line, but we won’t stop until the hour our event begins. We have collected some great auction and give away items for Hope For Mexico’s kick off fundraising event. We’ve got Raptors tickets, concert tickets, ipads, Apple TV, satellite radio system, cash cards, gift cards to Holt Renfrew, photography session, executive coaching session, hair salon and restaurant gift certificates. There will be raffle baskets and more! Join us, November 21st at Stone Soup Innovation Lab, 49 Fraser Avenue in Toronto’s Liberty Village. From 6-11PM, there will be live music, food and drinks.

Any maybe you can even get some holiday shopping done. Admission is free so join us for an evening of giving. All proceeds will go to help 4 kindergarten schools in a rural village in Mexico’s Guanajuato state.

Feel free to click on the donate button and give now. Our goal is to be half way to our fundraising goal of $10,000 before the event begins. Help us get there.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill