Shelter from the sun….


That’s what’s needed. Period. First and foremost. These kindergarten kids need shelter from the burning Mexican sun. A basic necessity that will fundamentally change the lives of these kindergarten kids and those who will follow years to come. Believe me, standing out in these “playgrounds” was beyond hot, and it’s winter here too. We are so thankful that we came to tour the schools before settling on what is really needed.

Last night….the HFM team negotiated and decided on installing four patio covers at each of our schools pronto. As you can see from the photo below, the kids are squished up against the side of the school, the only place for two or so hours that provides some reprieve from the sun. The school acts as a shelter, but it’s not enough room for these kids to run around and play and enjoy the outdoors. Their classrooms are small and hot, some with no electricity, so building these patio shelters will be a God send.



You can see the DIF constructed ‘make shift’ cover from tarps, that is where the patio shelters will be constructed in the other three schools.



IMG_0132IMG_0445We spoke the supplier, got him to commit to a better price since we are building and installing four patios and all work will be done by the end of April. Awesome! Just in time for the ‘hotter’ weather.

Meet some more of “our” kids who will enjoy their new sheltered playgrounds thanks to all of you….who helped raise the money so we can raise the roof(s)!!