Refreshing news!

Whatever your political views on Mexico are, or who you think would be the best President for a country in crisis, I am relieved to hear that one candidate has at least addressed the drug war and violence and is taking a realistic stance. You may not agree with this stance, but it’s an action plan that I believe has worked in the past and a plan I believe needs to be put in place to get Mexico on it’s feet again. This action plan is reminiscent of Vincente Fox’s strategy when he was President. No one is condoning drug trafficking and drug lords, and murders and violence, but it’s time to focus on the crimes that do the most damage to the greatest amount of Mexicans. You have to start somewhere. There will always be crime and there will always be drugs in this world, but by changing focus I believe one small step at a time it will make a difference over time. Enjoy the read.


Glad I got the chance…..

My neighbour and I ventured out on a cold and wet evening last fall to listen to novelist Carlos Fuentes at the ROM in Toronto. We were very curious to hear his stance on the on going drug war. We were nervous too because my neighbour and I feel the same way – that Mexico is in trouble. That the drug war is real and it’s going to get worse before we ever see a change for the better. But being as close to Mexico as I am, I find that a lot of people including Mexicans living every day in the eye of the storm are in denial and don’t think it’s as bad as we think. We were pleasantly surprised on the stance Fuentes took on the drug war. How he believes it’s worse than anyone can ever imagine. That the 50 thousand plus deaths are real and unacceptable and the world needs to open their ears and eyes and see for real what is happening in a country so close to our own. I remember my neighbour leaning over to me at one point during Fuentes’ speech and he whispered “It’s like listening to you, he says the same things you do….”. I will never forget how much that inspired me to keep our Hope for Mexico charity alive. I also remember thinking, I have to try and contact Mr. Fuentes, maybe he can guide me or help me somehow. Well, it’s too late. He’s gone now. But maybe that’s just the kick in the ass I needed. Whatever your beliefs….maybe, just maybe Carlos Fuentes will the the angel Mexico so desperately needs right now. RIP.

Charities helping Charities

Isn’t that what charity is all about? I love it when something you wish for comes true. I wanted to meet with Free the Children a world renowned charity organization founded on a dream of two young boys. Now, Free the Children is helping communities all over the world and they found time today to help me.

Here’s my idea, I would like to hang my “Day in Juarez” photo exhibit in a gallery or place where we can invite people to come for a fundraising event kick off. I would love it if that place would be within the Mexican community.

As you know, Hope for Mexico believes education is the key to freedom in Mexico and we will raise money to build or rebuild schools in Mexico. We will ask those who joined in our Peace Rally last May to come back and be a part of the fundraising kick off event. I would love to hold the event in September, that gives us ample time to promote and really get people behind us to come and help us kick it off. Any suggestions?? Please join our facebook group Hope for Mexico and give us your opinion.

If you haven’t already, check out my Juarez photo essay on my photography blog.

I am asking all my friends to help spread the word. Hope for Mexico needs a place to hold it’s kick off event.

I’ve got a lot of work to do to get this charity registered and properly set up. Please, spread the word and help this new charity get the wings it needs to fly!! Gracias.