Friends helping friends…and you get the job done!


Our first official fundraiser is set in “stone” for Thursday, November 21st. Thanks to my good friend Inbae, who has just launched his own new company has offered his space to host Hope For Mexico’s first official fundraiser. Now the planning can begin and rest assured it will be a night filled with great giveaways, awesome music and food, friends and inspiration. Please mark your calendars, November 21st, in Liberty Village at Stone Soup Innovation Lab.

If you have any ideas for donations, including food for the event contact me directly


We need to raise 10,000.00 to complete phase one of our project. All funds raised for Hope For Mexico will go towards four selected schools in Delores Hidalgo. All four projects will make the schools for kindergarten kids safe to attend. One of the ¬†schools has ¬†been plagued by violence and broken into many times leaving them with nothing and no more funds to rebuild. Another school has toxic tires they play on for outside equipment. We intend to build them a playground that is safe and healthy. Another school has no shelter from the burning Mexican sun, the kindergarten kids are asked to be outside on the patio for hours at a time during assembly’s and outside time. We will build a shelter over the patio giving them the much needed shade they need to stay healthy. And the last school we chose has only asked for books and pencils for the kids to learn with as they have nothing. We will fill that school with everything they need and more.

That doesn’t seem like much does it? Together, we can do this. We can make a difference in these children’s lives.

Join me and my family on November 21st and be a part of our promise to make a difference in the world. Albeit small on a global scale, but worldly in the eyes of these kindergarten kids.