Clap your hands if you think that happiness is the….



I think we often forget what happiness truly feels like. It’s easy to get lost or caught up in our day to day activities and lives and not really stop and feel the moment you feel something real and raw. But as I was driving away from the fourth and final school in Mexico the other day, I had a familiar euphoric feeling that I recognized as pure happiness. It was a warm and comforting feeling deep in my bones (and not just because I was in Mexico where it was sunny and warm) but a “real” feeling of joy in it’s purest form. I’ve missed that feeling lately, whether I’ve let it breeze by unnoticed or it’s been a while since I felt it; I don’t know, but man, it’s addictive and I want more.

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Hope For Mexico toured the four schools we committed our help to this week and I can tell you I felt the communities gratitude, I felt that they appreciated us for following through and doing something for them that they least expected. That’s a very big gift for me to share with all of you, those who helped us get there and helped us build those shelters and helped us get running water for the kids to wash their hands and washrooms that work for them to use. It was humbling to see and feel the relief on the mothers faces. We heard stories that since the patio covers have been installed a number of kids who suffered from painful skin conditions due to constant sun light have healed and disappeared. We heard that kids no longer are getting sick and passing out because they are 33 kindergarten kids in a cramped hot 10×10 school room. We heard that communities come to enjoy the shelter from the sun and families can eat outside and socialize together as friends and neighbours. Our generosity has brought people together and by doing that I believe it brings them hope. The very foundation of what we were built on…Hope For Mexico.

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It’s possible to make a difference, little by little, big or small. It is possible that one kind gesture can change the direction of a community and lives that live in it.

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Stay tuned, I will be posting some great stories and photos over the next few days. Some of the stories are sure to inspire and hopefully inspire you all enough to help kick off phase two of our fundraising efforts.